Video Game Convention Schedule [All Upcoming Cons 2022/2023]

Below you will find a list of upcoming video game conventions taking place all across the U.S. in 2022 and 2023. These conventions are a ton of fun. They offer unique opportunities to find rare retro games, experience arcade machines on free-play, and attend panels on all things video games. Conventions also have interesting guest line-ups with creators in the video game industry. That includes everyone from developers to voice actors. No matter where you live in the United States, there is a video game convention within driving distance so don’t miss out on the experience!

Video Game Convention Schedule 2022

Cleveland Gaming Classic, Cleveland, OH, September 24
Pittsburgh Gaming Expo, Monroeville, PA, October 1-2
Level Up ICT Con presented by Collector’s Maze, Wichita, KS, October 7-9
RetroGameCon, Syracuse, NY, October 8-9
Portland Retro Gaming Expo, Portland, OR, October 14-16
Pinball/Retro Gaming Expo, Schaumburg, IL, October 19-22
Retropalooza, Arlington, TX, October 22-23
Music City Multi Con, Lebanon, TN, October 28-30
Detroit Retro Video Game Show, Livonia, MI, November 5
TORG Gaming Expo, Columbus, OH, November 5
Really Rad Weekend, Fort Walton Beach, FL, November 12-13
Free Play Florida, Orlando, FL, November 18-20
PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) Unplugged, Philadelphia, PA, 2-4 December
Sac Gamers Expo, Sacramento, CA, December 17-18

Video Game Convention Schedule 2023

Sega Game Gear with Games

Super MAGFest 2023 (Official Event), National Harbor, MD, January 5-8
Midwest Gaming Classic, Milwaukee, WI, March 31-April 2
SoCal Gaming Expo 2023, Ontario, CA, April 1-2
Retropalooza Houston 2023, Houston, TX, April 22-23
COMO Retro Game Convention, Columbia, MO, April 22
Game Jam South 2023, Huntsville, AL, May 6
Southeast Game Exchange, Greenville, SC, July 15-16
TooManyGames, Oaks, PA, June 23-25
Cleveland’s Classic Console & Arcade Gaming Show, Cleveland, OH, July 22
Classic Game Fest, Austin, TX, July 22-23
Southern-Fried Gaming Expo, Atlanta, GA, July 28-30

Conventions Pending Scheduling

PC Gamer

A Video Game Con, Parsippany, NJ
BN Video Game Convention, Bloomington, IN
Corgs, Columbus, OH
Game On Expo, Phoenix, AZ
KC Retro Gaming Swap & Shop, Kansas City, MO
Let’s Play Gaming Expo, Irving, TX
Long Island Retro Gaming EXPO, Garden City, NY
Mo Game Con, St. Charles, MO
PAX EAST Boston, Boston, MA
PwR Up Con, South Bend, IN
RetroWorld Expo, Hartford, CT
Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo, Vancouver, British Columbia
Video Game Summit, Chicago, IL
Vincon (Vintage Video Game Convention), Loveland, CO

What do you wear to a video game convention?

When you go to a video game convention you don’t have to worry about dress code. The main consideration is to simply dress comfortably because there is a lot of walking involved. Of course, if you want to dress up as your favorite video game character you won’t be the only one cosplaying!

What is a video game convention?

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