Silent Hill

“Return to Silent Hill” is Set to Begin Production in February

“Return to Silent Hill” is set to begin production in France in February, with Victor Hadida producing and Christophe Gans returning as Director. The writing team for the film includes Gans, Sandra Vo-Ahn, and Will Schneider. The upcoming film is a sequel to “Silent Hill”, the 2006 film adaptation of the video game by the same name.

Gans has a long history with the “Silent Hill” franchise, having also directed 2012’s “Silent Hill: Revelation.” The first “Silent Hill” film was a critical and commercial success, with a 63% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a worldwide gross of over $100 million. “Revelation” was not as well received, with a 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a worldwide gross of just over $52 million.

What to Expect from “Return to Silent Hill”

credit: Tristar Pictures 2006

Despite the mixed reception of “Revelation,” Gans remains optimistic about the future of the “Silent Hill” franchise. In a past interview with Jeux Video, he stated, “The script for a new…movie [is] totally independent from the two previous movies made and respects the way Silent Hill has evolved. [It’s] a bit like Twilight Zone, the Fourth Dimension, a place where anything and everything can happen. I worked on a new Silent Hill which is a Silent Hill of the year 2023 since the film would be released next year… in 2023… and not a Silent Hill as I imagined it in 2006.”

About the Silent Hill Video Game Franchise

Silent Hill video game
credit: Konami 1999

The “Silent Hill” video game series, on which the films are based, is a survival horror franchise developed and published by Konami. The first game in the series was released in 1999, and it has since spawned numerous sequels, spin-offs, and adaptations in other media. The series is known for its psychological horror elements, including disturbing imagery and immersive environments.

Fans of the “Silent Hill” franchise will no doubt be excited to see what Gans and the rest of the “Return to Silent Hill” team have in store for the series’ reboot. With production set to begin in February, it won’t be long until more information about the film is revealed.

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