From Mario Voice to Ambassador: Is Charles Martinet Being Sidelined by Nintendo?

In the ever-evolving world of video games, few names resonate as deeply as Mario and Charles Martinet. The iconic voice actor has spoken publicly about his recent appointment as “Mario Ambassador” since his appointment last month. Charles has given a voice to Mario since 1991, but recent developments have left fans and even Martinet himself puzzled.

The announcement of his new role as “Mario Ambassador” has raised more questions than answers, especially in light of his recent replacement by Chris Pratt in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Let’s dive into this enigmatic tale that’s got the gaming community on the edge of their seats.

The ‘Ambassador’ Enigma

Nintendo’s announcement that Charles Martinet would be transitioning from the voice of Mario to a new role as “Mario Ambassador” left many scratching their heads. The intrigue deepened when Martinet spoke at Galaxycon Austin 2023, stating, “I don’t know what that is yet… I’m not retired as it were… but I’m an ambassador.” His words, tinged with uncertainty, have fueled speculation that this move may not have been his choice. Watch the full video here.

The Chris Pratt Controversy

Casting a shadow over the whole situation is Chris Pratt’s taking the reins when it comes to voicing the iconic character. This decision sparked a firestorm of debate among fans, many of whom questioned whether Pratt could ever truly embody the character like Martinet has for over three decades. While his performance was recieved with mixed, but generally positive reviews, nobody expected that Charles would be replaced completely.

Pratt taking over the role of Mario completely does not seem likely, so that makes the whole situation all the perplexing.


As Charles Martinet navigates his ambiguous “ambassadorship,” the gaming world is left to ponder what’s really happening behind the scenes at Nintendo. Was Martinet ‘Ambassador-Zoned’? The mystery deepens, and the gaming community is more eager than ever to find out.

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