Set From Live-Action Fallout Series to Remain on Public Display

Set From Live-Action Fallout Series to Remain on Public Display

Fans of the Fallout video game series will have a fun new experience waiting for them soon in Wendover, UT, where Amazon’s live-action Fallout series was recently filming. According to Thomas Petersen, historian and board member of the Historic Wendover Airfield Foundation, part of the set used in the production will be made available for the public to see at some point in the future.

Yes there was filming for “Fallout” in Wendover.  In fact, one set will be retained for visitors to the airfield to actually visit and see. However, due to the agreement the airfield has with the production company that is about all we can say.

Thomas Petersen

This new development isn’t out of the ordinary for Wendover Airfield. The 1997 film Con Air was filmed here as well. In fact, they kept one of the planes used in the movie and put it on public display.

It’s unknown at this time what exactly was filmed at the airfield, but it’s a safe bet that planes were involved. It would not be much of a stretch to imagine that they might be retaining a plane from Fallout, just as they did for Con Air 25 years ago.

Filming for the Fallout series began in New York before moving to Wendover, UT. Shooting has now wrapped there as well, leaving the film crew to head to California for the final scenes of the Amazon series which will wrap production in 2023.

About Historic Wendover Airfield

Wendover Airfield is a WWII-era airbase located in Tooele County, Utah. The base was originally built by the United States Army Air Corps as a training ground for B-17 and B-24 bombers. In 1943, Wendover became the site of the top-secret Manhattan Project, where the first atomic bombs were assembled. After the war, Wendover was used as a training ground for various USAF units until it was finally retired in 1969. Today, Wendover Airfield is a popular tourist destination, with several museums and exhibits dedicated to its WWII history.

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